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There is a growing need for immediate services of this type as indicated by various resources:

?Many Americans find themselves just one paycheck removed from homelessness as the nation struggles to rebound from financial crisis. The Department of Housing and Urban Development reports that 1.6 million Americans were homeless and stayed in a shelter at least once in 2008, the last year that statistics are available. (NPR Social Media, March 31, 2010)

?The added stress of higher utility costs will force the homeless population to grow even larger. (

?Approximately 15-20% of the total homeless population across the state is chronically homeless. (MSHDA News Release Nov -05)

?Needs of the homeless are becoming greater while many services for them are becoming more difficult to access (130th Annual Meeting of APHA, 2002)

?96% of cities surveyed indicated an increase for emergency food assistance and requests for shelter. Several causes of homelessness reported are cited including the lack of affordable housing, substance abuse, mental illness, domestic violence, poverty, low paying jobs and changes in public assistance (Hunger and Homelessness 2004)


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