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We invite you to discover the diverse group of people who belong to The Ark Family. Our Family creates a supportive environment of love, acceptance, respect, and dignity for client, staff or volunteer. The benefit of letting a human being know that they are cared for, loved and thought of far outweighs any of the costs or obstacles associates with offering these services. Having an individual tell you they can see the love in your eyes and know that God exists because you are there is priceless.

Our primary purpose in every program, outreach or organizational effort is our desire to be "not just a hand out but a hand up" as stated in the words of Reverend Jesse Jackson. And so we extend our hand and ask you to reach out with yours to join us as we look to make the world we live in a better place for all mankind regardless of their race, socio-economic status, religion, sex or age. Each one of us has been given a purpose in the great planetary expedition called life. We all have our own personal journey to walk out but that does not mean we were meant to make that journey in isolation. We have been placed here by the almighty, omniscient God to edify, encourage and enlighten one another for the good of all. Let us come together with a common goal and a benevolent heart for every being has been given a gift to share.

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